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Happy Anniversary Perfect Office Solutions! August 14th, 2020 marked an important time for Chiko Abengowe, the CEO and Founder of Perfect Office Solutions, and his team to celebrate 6 years of being in business for entrepreneurs and other businesses. For other businesses how you may ask? Virtual mail, membership conference, dedicated desks and most crucially is the private office for businesses to expand and/or improve their work ethic. Just need an area for a team meeting? Perfect Office is the solution! Tired of working at home and need a new environment? Perfect Office is the solution! With 8 locations and almost no vacancies, Chiko even reveals another 8 new more locations in the DMV being in the works for more entrepreneurs and businesses to join. Not only does he have office spaces under his belt but as well as Perfect Staffing and Perfect Property. While getting ready for the anniversary weekend celebration, it was announced Perfect Office is number 791 on the INC. 5000 list of 2020, fastest growing private companies in America.

Nad’Jah: How do you feel about your growth in the business so far?

Chiko: I feel great about the growth dedicating to small entrepreneurs and more businesses. I am excited to continue to grow double and triple the business itself.

Nad’Jah: What is your favorite part about owning your own company?

Chiko: My favorite part is having the flexibility to carry out my ideas then from scheduling and building it, I get to do it how I want without having to answer to anyone and it allows me to focus on the service provided for the business owners.

Nad’Jah: Where do you see this business in the next 5-10 years?

Chiko: Growing to at least 25 plus locations with over 2000 private offices & 5000 entrepreneurs apart of our community building network.

Nad’Jah: What is your day to day routine at work?

Chiko:  Checking emails, coordinating with managers in reference to strategy in each location, searching & identifying for new locations, working with brokers and building contracts.

Nad’Jah: What was your motivation when you started this company and has that changed?

Chiko: Was and still is to provide affordable, professional & flexible office spaces for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Nad’Jah: Are you thinking about plans for your 1oth year anniversary?Chiko: That’s years from now so not really sure but definitely some kind of party to celebrate very big.

Even more eager to get the Perfect Office team together, Chiko had planned a nice 3-day weekend staycation in Washington, D.C. Almost the whole team was there posting lots of pictures on Instagram enjoying the actives that were set up. That weekend was impactful for some as not only was the company celebrating the accomplishments but also the recent promotions. Less than a year working as the Community Assistant, Shari Casimir is now Columbia and Baltimore locations Community Manager.

Nad’Jah: How did you enjoy your weekend celebrating 6 years with the team?

Shari: The weekend trip to me was very relaxing. It was filled with laughter and good vibes. All of the activities we did I have never done before, such as sip and paint, hiking and scootering through the city. We also received a 30-minute massage Sunday morning, which was amazing! It was a great way to connect and get to know some of my coworkers a little more outside of work. I definitely look forward to our next trip in February.

Nad’Jah: What’s been the biggest challenge for you being a CM from a CA?

Shari: Luckily, I have not been faced with any challenges as of yet. So far, I am enjoying the switch and looking forward to what is to come.

Nad’Jah: Were you surprised to be promoted so fast and accomplishing so much within the company?

Shari: A little, when I started in March, I was very intimidated when it came to selling our services. Then on weekends I would shadow Chiko and Mery to watch how they gave tours, and soak in as much as I can to make things easier for me. I strongly believe if you put your all and focus into something you will definitely reap the rewards later on. As far as being promoted to a CM I was very surprised, because a part of me thought I did not have it in me to handle such a role. 

Nad’Jah: You have your own business on the side you plan on using Perfect Office services to expand?

Shari: I did have an office space at Beltsville before working with the company. If I do go full-time in my business, I will definitely use Perfect Office services again.  

Nad’Jah: What inspires you most about this company?

Shari: The work ethic of Chiko and Mery. Both of their involvement and dedication to this company really inspires me to do better, not only in Perfect Office but with my business

IrieBeaute as well. 

For the past 2 almost 3 years, Mery Neway has clearly impacted a few team members and honed multiple locations as one of the Community Managers at Perfect Office Solutions. From the outside looking in, Mery has been very supportive and active in her role to meet Chiko’s goals in the company not only with servicing the tenants but as well as networking and retaining more businesses to the company. As of now, Mery is in the top 2 with the most added on businesses and entrepreneurs.

Nad’Jah: Why did you start working for this company?

Mery: I started working at POS about two years ago in hopes to get mentorship from Chiko.

Nad’Jah: You have 3 buildings to manage, what’s your next goal?

Mery: Having to manage multiple locations is truly humbling. I would hope to have more locations in the near future.

Nad’Jah: What has been the biggest challenge?

Mery: My biggest challenge is having to experience different types of personalities.

Nad’Jah: How did you enjoy your weekend with the Perfect Office team? 

Mery: Amazing! We are truly like a family. Can’t wait to do it again and I encourage others to join.

The weekend ends on a good note for the Perfect Office team, ready to get back to work and put forth in motion even harder than what was before. These accomplishments seemed to be just satisfying and promising for more to come for this company and its owner, Chiko. Although COVID19 was in the way for some, Perfect Office displays plenty of support to small businesses and entrepreneurs to keep going during these tough times. From Beltsville to the whole DMV, Perfect Office Solutions is definitely near you! Professional, affordable and flexible!

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